Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FCA UCLA Camp 2011

(All of the Blue shirts are professional coaches, collegiate coaches, high school coaches, and collegiate players. The White shirts are boy and girl high school student campers from all over Southern CA)

With many professional and collegiate coaches, along with the professional and college players that personally mentored and coached the high school players all week, it turned out to be an excellent time of improving athletically, and encountering Christ powerfully.

One student’s story- One student I met at camp was Jeremiah. Jeremiah is a sophomore football player that is losing his mother to an illness, he has never met his father, and is currently living in a situation with limited family. I know all this because he was one of the kids that came to me for prayer after making a decision to give his life to Christ. There are 682 stories that are in this picture and through your support and prayer within FCA, God was able to reach in and grab the hearts of his kids. 530 of the 682 athletes that stepped foot on UCLA’s campus last week made a commitment to Christ as they encountered him and all that he is at the camp. Lets live so that others may come to know the hope and the saving relationship of walking with him. Praise him!

More Pictures of FCA Camp can be found here:

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