Monday, November 14, 2011

CSUF Baseball Mike Lorenzon at CHS- 11/4/11

Friday the students at Canyon High had Cal State Fullerton's baseball Mike Lorenzon came to speak to all their peers there at CHS. It was a great influence has Mike spent time sharing his struggles of peer pressure, alcohol, and drugs in high school. He explained how he gave his life to Christ as a Junior in HS and all that changed along with the life that he now lives because of that choice. He did a wonderful job explaining the reality of what these kids are going through and his experience of what he went through. In the end Mike gave the kids a chance to take their life to and walk with Christ. The parent CHS really did a great job supporting the students with Pizza and deserts for over 130 students- all free. Please be in prayer for the students of FCA at CHS.

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