Wednesday, November 30, 2011

USC football "Rudy" Legend Big Tommy at YLHS FCA- 11/29

Big Tommy came to YLHS Tuesday and reached many. It was a time where the leaders in FCA stood up and expressed their heart for FCA, the Campus, and seeing God move on it. Big Tommy followed with his amazing testimony of never starting in High school, yet pushed, never gave up, and made it on the USC football team. He was defensive team caption by his senior season and spent ten years as their team Chaplin. Many of the students got their hearts right or back on track. Lets continue to pray for the students that they reach what they are looking to reach in catching the campus on fire and impacting the campus. It was a wonderful sight to see over 6 mothers their supporting the kids. Without the support of the parents this cant happen. Please continue to be in prayer. Lets come together for the kids parents! They need us.

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