Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FCA Student Skylee Sheard

If you have seen me out, there is a good chance you have seen me with Skylee, especially on Sunday mornings at church. Skylee is an amazing kid that plays football, runs track, and has been a leader in FCA for two-three years now. Skylee was saved through FCA and is soon to be baptized. He tells me that he wants to be the one that breaks his generational curse as he withstands from drugs, alcohol and un-Godly behaviors, but just like all our teens on these campuses there are influences that are trying to pull him away from God's ways and into the worlds ways. Skylee's father is in prison, his two brothers are in jail awaiting trail, and he lives with his younger brother and mother whom has not had a job in 5 years. Skylee is like a son with me. I support his needs, and I am helping him get into College to earn a degree and play some college food ball along the way. Skylee has a 3.45 overall GPA, but will have to attend junior college because of being in remedial English. The great thing about that is that where we are sending him (Saddleback CC) FCA is strong and present by their head football coach. As we move closer to Skylee graduating and moving on to college there will be many needs this kid will have. The reason I write this, is to ask you to be in prayer with me for him, his needs, and his walk with Christ, as we try to help him impact the world for Christ.

Skylee and Me

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