Sunday, April 1, 2012

National Champ Reaching Many

Thom (Youth Pastor), Tony, Cory (Youth Pastor), Jason (Youth Pastor)
Tuesday the student leaders in FCA at YLHS had National Champion Wrestler Tony Gomez come and shared his testimony. Tony won a high school national champion as a wrestler and went on to Fresno State. Tony's story was gripping, as he shared about being in the car when is cousin was shot and killed. He shared how in the midst the murder he broke his back, was bed ridden for a year, and through it all he gave his life to the Lord. Tony was also excited to share that his cousin gave his life to the Lord 2 weeks prior and Tony believes he will see him again soon. Tony gave the kids a chance to commit there life to the Lord and 16 made a decision to raise their hand to receive the Lord.

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