Sunday, April 1, 2012

What are You Supporting FCA Staff to Do?

Mentor, Assist, Equip Leaders

Just a simple reminder that FCA Staff's main responsibility is to assist, equip, and mentor student Leaders to mature in their walk with God, take their talents and use them to impact their campus and world for Christ, and to assist them in reaching out to their peers with the gospel message. This all happens on days that we do not have a huddle or school outreach event.
Huddle/ Outreach events are where the student leaders imapct their campus through a speaker giving their gospel message and free lunch to any student on campus that wants to come. FCA is student lead and FCA Staff is just here to empower the students to lead. We are also here to assist and support the parents. We also gather their support to provide for the kid's needs at their school. (Bibles, Pizza..ect) Together we are serving young people to and making an impact.

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