Friday, June 22, 2012

Missions Trip

Impacting the City of Hayward and the Native American Community

June 14-20 I went on a missions trip to Hayward, WI. One of my closest friends coaches for the Packers and he and I spent four days in Hayward, WI reaching two communities.

In this trip, my friend spoke to three Church services on father's day. But our other efforts went to the Native Americans reservation and to Hayward high school. The stats are quite alarming that only 10-18% of natives in this community are Christian. That only 28% obtain a college degree of all American Natives. The poverty and quality of life for the kids can be depressing. The kids have it tough day to day on these reservations and its hard to see them making it. Well, we brought the good news some and spent the day speaking at their gang/prevention center and the "boys and girls club". It was capped off by workout and speaking to the athletes at Hayward high school about Jesus Christ. All in all, it was a trip where we grew as men of God and God moved in two communities.

Native American- Boys and Girls Club

Native American- Gang Prevention Center

Hayward High School

Two Natives and I

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