Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Student Leaders Reaching Many

Throughout the month, FCA's focus was on the leaders sharing their testimony. Its important to point out again that many of our leaders and those involved with FCA are not athletes. FCA is a platform for students to learn to take their hearts and talents and use them for Christ.
The leaders stepped up and spoke out. So many students within the past few months have made decisions to commit their life to Christ and some of the leaders decided that they would all finishthe year sharing with their peers what their walk with Christ is like. It was a time for the leaders to follow up and share their steps they made when they gave their life to Christ. It was a time of impact as the leaders did an awesome job of reaching many. A special thank you to all the supporters and parents that are supporting and helping the kids make this all happen. From the pizza to the prayer, a difference is being made...

These are just some of the 110-120 leaders that we equip, assist, and mentor here in North OC.

Our goal is to have a "Free Stuff" table for all the schools like this for the 2012-13 school year. Along with interns, more volunteers, as well as scholorships for kids to attend college.
Here we made some follow up cards to pass out to the students, had bibles, Phil 4:13 Bands, FCA magazines, and FCA tracks.

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