Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Rooney Story

 FCA was honored to have brothers Sean Rooney( Professional baseball player- Washington Nationals) and Colin Rooney(Pepperdine baseball) to come and share about their life and testimony. Most of you around here probably heard about the tragedy that struck their family some years back. Their father and older brother (whom also played at Pepperdine) were killed in a private plane crash. The two both shared some powerful stories of how they overcame with Christ and how they live to bring glory to God with their life and through their platform in sports. God is good. We have faith and trust his will, taking not a day for granted. Sean and Colin did a wonderful job of strengthen the faith and drawing students closer to our great God.

God, my prayer for these kids is that they will encounter you daily to reach the amazing mission you have for them in their life to impact the world and further your kingdom. Amen

Lets continue to join in prayer

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