Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Shocking Reality

Tuesday in our Leadership meeting we started our new series and bible study. Each leadership meeting we have a time of bible study, a testimony, and a time of prayer. Our theme for this semester is "Catch Fire". The leadership's prayer, study, and heart is to catch fire with God to see him move in a powerful way in their life and this campus

One of our Juinor leaders of FCA spoke and gave our testimony of the day. It was shocking to here all that she has been through and to see how God is moving in the midst. Not everyone of the kids on this campus may say it, but a lot of these kids have it tough, with a lot of pressure, and they need our support and prayer. Lets continue to take the time and pray for them, FCA, and this campus. They need it!

Our Next FCA Huddle/Event will be next Tuesday in the Gym. Former NFL QB- Egypt Mckee will be there to speak.

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