Sunday, April 1, 2012

Former Gangster and Chick-Fila Reaching Many Students

Former Gangster Jon Sarinana has been coming around to all our schools and reaching many. John has an amazing story and he is truly making an impact on our kids within the schools. John was beat into a gang and addicted to drugs at 15. He was almost killed countless times, yet by 18 he was saved, cleaned, and back in high school. Throughout the rest of his school days John was an influence to many as to what God can do. John is now a local youth pastor and he is truly reaching many! Just the other day at Villa Park High, Sanctify church and Chickfila partnered with 200 chik-filas and John brought 12+ to receive the Lord. John has been an extreme influence where ever he has went and his story is truly reaching many.

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