Sunday, April 1, 2012

**Navy Seal Reaching Many- A Must read**

Recently former Navy Seal Chad Williams will be speaking for all the schools in the month of April in North OC, but this past month Chad was able to get to 3 schools and he by far has been the best speaker yet. He is reaching more than any speaker before. His first school, EHS Chad brought 30+ students to the Lord.

Chad's second school at YLHS where half in attendance stood up to receive the Lord. Chad explained a story where they were in a position at war where a hand bomb was thrown in on them in close quarters. Only one man would have been able to get out alive, yet that one man/solider was the one that dove on the bomb and gave his life so that the three others (chad being one of them) could live. Chad went on out of that story to share about what Christ did for us, who he is, and how he came for us. Over half of 185+ students stood up to receive Christ.

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